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GTA 5 Online: The New 2017 Update, PS4, Xbox One and PC story DLC Planned

GTA 5 ONLINE is proving a resilient beast, outlasting many of its opponents on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with Rockstar appearing to have big plans in 2017 too.

While it was expected that Rockstar would start winding down their support for GTA 5 Online in Spring 2017, it appears that there may have been a change of plan.

Other DLCs reportedly coming to the game include new Police Mission functionality, as well as new Hunting features being unlocked at a later date.

Freemode will also see new Police-connected missions arrive later in 2017, although no further information have been provided.

It’s hardly surprising Rockstar are looking to extend the life of GTA 5 Online, the game recently won two Steam Awards; the "Whoooaaaaaaa, dude!" and "Game Within a Game" gongs.

And there are also still at least three cars still expected to arrive from the recently launched Import/Export DLC, although it would seem that these will probably arrive once-a-week toward Valentine’s Day.

The studio have been slowly working through a list of new vehicles to add to the game, including the Comet Retro Custom, Truffade Nero and Nero Custom, Dewbauchee Specter and Custom, the Progen ItaliGTB and Custom, as well as the FCR Biker and Custom variant.

There have also been reports that Rockstar are now ready to revive their GTA 5 Story DLC plans, long-thought defunct.

A popular GTA 5 Cheats website recently conducted an online poll to see what players were looking for next, and it makes for some interesting reading.

With over a 1000 votes so far, here are the four options to choose from: 

  • I want some new story content, I've had enough Online DLC  41.98% (440 votes)
  • I only play story mode, I want some story DLC!  46.09% (483 votes)
  • Give me more Online DLC, I'm finished with story mode  4.39% (46 votes)
  • I only play online, of course I want more Online content!  7.54% (79 votes)

While it may be disingenuous to suggest that players are done with GTA 5 Online, the latest stats would say they aren’t, it does show the overwhelming support and interest for new GTA 5 Story DLC.
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