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Steam Adds Gamepad Support For Xbox Controller Rumble & EMiO PlayStation 4 "Elite"

It looks to us like Valve's engineers have decided to make a New Year's resolution to add great improvements to the Steam Client, and they're now shipping two more Beta versions for early adopters.

Among the improvements added since out last report, we can notice that there's now XBox controller rumble support, a new option called "Turn Off Controller" that lets users shut down both the PlayStation 4 Bluetooth controller and the Sony wireless receiver that ships with it, and updated the Web control to Chromium 56.0.2924.10.

The January 9 Steam Client Beta update also introduces support for the recently launched EMiO "Elite" controller for PlayStation 4, adds Steam Overlay support for new Windows 10 Insider preview builds, makes Steam Chords work correctly when multiple controllers are connected or disconnected, and implements gamepad binding options.

"Re-Hid gamepad binding options in Desktop Configuration. As there is no current direct support for these options, it is misleading and applications like GloSC support per-application configurations, which avoids needlessly overloading the desktop configuration," reveals one of Valve's engineers.

Volume no longer muted when connecting a Sony Wireless Receiver

The latest Steam Beta Client update also addresses a bunch of issues reported by users lately, such as a problem with the volume being muted when connecting a Sony wireless receiver on a Windows operating system, as well as a bug with the "Guide" button that wouldn't allow users to switch into Big Picture when Steam had focus and "Guide Button Focus" option disabled.

Other nasty bug made the Steam Client hang when the computer returned from sleep mode, and the analog stick on-screen-keyboard interactions now work inside of Big Picture mode. The January 10 Steam Beta Client update makes web views load correctly on macOS. You can test drive all these improvements it you switch to the Steam Beta channel.
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